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Advantages of Photonic Quantum Computer.

A photonic quantum computer that can perform tasks that take conventional supercomputers more than 9,000 years to complete takes just 36 microseconds. Quantum computers may attain a quantum advantage, allowing them to solve problems that traditional computers cannot solve. However, the large, heavy cryogenic systems needed to keep qubits at frigid temperatures can make it challenging to scale these platforms up to larger qubits or smaller forms.
The principle of operation at room temperature is possible for quantum computers that rely on qubits based on Photons. They can also be integrated into existing fiber optic-based telecommunications systems. This could help connect quantum computers to powerful networks and even a virtual Internet. Scientists have made quantum computers showing quantum advantage using cryogenic and photonic methods.

Xanadu, a Toronto quantum computing startup, recently revealed that their device, Borealis, may have the first fully programmable, photonic quantum computer to exhibit quantum advantage.

Lavoie states that Xanadu makes Borealis available for everyone on the cloud. We are also working with partners to make it more widely available. “We believe that making it available to the public will inspire more research into a quantum advantage, Gaussian boson sampling, and general quantum advantages.” Google disputes its 53-superconducting-qubit Sycamore processor could carry out a calculation in 200 seconds that the company estimated would take Summit. It uses squeezed state qubits. This addresses a different class of quantum task than, for example, a device using superconducting circuit qubits.

Scientists estimated that Borealis could conduct Gaussian Boson sampling over 7.8 quadrillions more quickly than Fugaku. In 2021, Borealis was the fastest conventional supercomputer.


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