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Adobe Unveils Generative AI Assistant That Can Summarise PDFs for Acrobat and Reader.

Adobe announces generative AI features for Acrobat Web and desktop, including summary generation and answer extraction. The multitasking AI assistant from the software behemoth now makes it simple for users to comprehend and analyze large PDF files. A noteworthy feature summarizes files and presents them in a text block that is well-formatted and easy to read. Although the functionality is presently in beta testing, the business has announced that Acrobat customers with an add-on subscription plan will soon be able to access it. Soon, the AI feature will also be available in the Reader app.

In a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), the business revealed the AI features and provided a little video showcasing the generative summary function. On the upper right corner of the Adobe Acrobat interface, adjacent to the share option, was a button labeled AI Assistant. When the button is clicked, a pop-up window with four options arranged in a side panel appears. The generative summary, chat, bookmark, and menu choices icons are among them.

As its name implies, generative summary performs the task. It may display a brief synopsis of big files, including Word, PowerPoint, PDFs, meeting transcripts, and more. Users can tap on individual topics to view more details about them, each presented in a collapsible window beneath the summary. In the event that the generated content is inaccurate, you have the ability to report it, give it a thumbs up or down, and copy the text.

The AI Assistant can also add citations to responses so the user can confirm where they came from, clickable connections to make it easier for the user to find what they need in a lengthy text, and the ability to view the data in a prepared output. Additionally, users can pose precise inquiries to the AI about the contents of the file, and the chatbot will respond.

According to the business, the new AI Assistant features are currently accessible in beta for users of Acrobat Standard and Pro, as well as Teams membership plans on desktop and web in English. In the upcoming weeks, Reader desktop users will also be able to access this feature. Customers of Reader and Acrobat will need to purchase a new add-on subscription plan in order to use the capabilities once the product exits beta testing.


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