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Addicted to TikTok: worried about your data? Here is How to use it safely.

I’ve been telling you to remove TikTok from your phone for months.

You should be cautious about other China-based applications as well. Temu, an app that enables you to “shop like a billionaire,” isn’t worthwhile due to the discounts.

Not only that. Here is a list of hazardous apps that you ought to remove right now.

You can continue to use TikTok without giving communist China access to all of your personal data.

Why not simply use the app?

TikTok is a direct threat to national security. Chinese law requires ByteDance, the Beijing-based parent company of the Chinese-owned social media network, to give the government access to the data it collects.

Search and browsing history, face ID, voiceprints, texts, location, and photographs are among the types of information that TikTok gathers.

Despite the fact that governmental organizations and even the entire state of Montana have outlawed the social media app, about two thirds of teenagers in America use it.

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What choices do you have?

TikTok browsing on the internet is insufficient. There is still a lot of tracking going on.

Your best investment is a cheap smartphone, sometimes known as a burner phone. It’s not necessary to have anything spectacular because this is only for social networking. Any cheap, really basic Android phone will do.

Start the phone and configure it, but remember to avoid connecting it to any of your main accounts.

Start Over

Do not log into your Apple ID, Google account, business or personal email, or any other account. Don’t let it access any delicate personal or financial data, without a doubt.

Specifically for your phone and your TikTok account, create a new email address. In this manner, any data that TikTok (or any other app) collects from your device won’t be linked to your actual personal data.

Naturally, this phone is still in contact with you. Be cautious with what you post or share on the app.

You don’t need to buy a cellular data plan because you can connect the burner phone to your home’s Wi-Fi. However, there is still something crucial you must accomplish.

Tech 101: Fed up with sluggish WiFi? To fix yours, use these suggestions.

Be cautious with your network as well.

A gadget that is connected to your home network shares the same digital space as your other connected devices.

For instance, other devices on your network may be affected if your “burner phone” has malware on it.

Take the time to set up a guest network in your home because privacy and security are our main concerns here. Guests or the devices you select can use this to access the internet, but not other devices connected to your primary network.

Most routers have a “Guest Network” option you can enable in the settings. You might be able to do this through a web interface or an app, depending on your router.

To access the router’s administrative page from a computer, you’ll need the device’s IP address and admin password. If you don’t have this information, various websites might help you find it. These might be listed in the user manual for your router’s brand.

Look under Wireless Settings or in a section titled Guest Wi-Fi. So that you don’t unintentionally select the incorrect network on your new TikTok phone, give your guest network a unique name that is distinct from your usual network.


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