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A Windows PowerToy coming soon can extract text from images.

Windows has announced they are in the process of creating a PowerToy that could possibly become a favorite for all students and employees around the world. PowerToys are a recently introduced range of special toolsets that emulate the myriad functions that browser add-ons perform. Meant to make your experience more productive, they boast utilities that allow for color picking from anywhere on your display, instantly resized pictures, and mass editing files at a time. The key difference is they have been officially created by Windows and would provide maximum efficiency for no extra cost.

The PowerToy being conceived is built around the OCR or Optical Character Recognition mechanism. Simply put, this refers to functionalities that have the ability to scan a particular image loaded with text, extract the text and present it to you as a transcription. They are a much sought-after application for those dealing with large volumes of documents or PDFs daily. The current problem with this mechanism is that no application in the market performs this function for free. Most of them are rudimentary with limited features that do not allow users to extract large amounts of text.

This feature is still in its trial phase but is already garnering some buzz. People are excited because they’ve been waiting for a free and official application like this one. When finally launched, Windows’ official OCR toolset could change the game forever. They are reportedly targeting high-end PC and smartphone enthusiasts with the release but it seems like a promising idea that could be loved by mainstream audiences too. Not having to stare hard at pictures of physical documents and easily copy-pasting copious amounts of data is a dream millions of us have been having for a while now.


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