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A “dynamic Island,” new widgets, and iOS 16 are all part of Apple’s event.

Just like every year, Apple held an annual event last week to launch the latest iPhones for the public market. The latest iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro come with many new and exciting features like emergency satellite connectivity, an autofocus selfie camera, car crash detection, and emergency satellite connectivity.

Many technology experts have been quick to point out that most of these ‘new’ features advertised at this event, already exist in other android phones for many years now. It was also announced that the new iPhone 14 being launched in the United States will not have a physical sim tray. The new iPhone 14 will have an e-Sim that is built into the motherboard of the device.

People who are looking to update their old device and get the new model from Apple will need to inform their service provider from before. This needs to be done to get the e-Sim in the new device activated.

The updates iOS 16 give the developers direct access to users through the lock screen. This is done with the help of the new widget platform on the lock screen. This gives the users greater potential of personalizing their device even further. They can now pin motivational quotes, important notes, and memorable pictures on the lock screen. You can choose from inline rectangular or circular widget designs for the lock screen.

Developers have already discovered a way to dexterously use the new lock screen space. They can be used for sending flight status and travel updates on the lock screen itself.


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