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A $20 billion investment by Adobe to dominate the whole creative business.

Figma has, over many years, developed a name as a competitor for Adobe. This rivalry, however, came to an end on Thursday when Adobe announced its intention to acquire Figma. Adobe revealed that they had struck a deal of around $20 billion to acquire Figma.

With this acquisition, Adobe will be able to incorporate the popular design tools from Figma, into its existing portfolio of apps in the creative space. But, as a result of this acquisition, Adobe is once more removing one of its competitors from the market and bringing an ex-competitor under its umbrella.

Adobe Acquiring Figma

At the present moment, Adobe doesn’t plan to change anything. The chief product officer of Adobe, Scott Belsky, has repeatedly underscored the independence of Figma. The CEO of Figma, Dylan Field also mentioned through a blog post, that the intention was for Figma to operate autonomously.

Belsky added that they didn’t wasn’t to disrupt the road map of either Adobe or Figma. This means that there are no plans in place to bring Figma inside Adobe’s Creative Cloud. There will also be no changes when it comes to the pricing of Figma.

Dylan Field is aware that the trust of the customers needs to earn first. He said that by being consistent with what they’re doing, and by showing up for the community, they’ll be able to develop trust. Figma is the latest in a long line of tools in the creative space that has been bought up by Adobe.


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