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70% of workers wish to maintain the WFH option from the epidemic era.

Deloitte’s new study, “Connectivity and Mobile Trends 2022” shows the recent pandemic has forced US households into a societal test where technology plays an important role. Covid-19 made all workers and students move to a fully remote position from an in-person environment.

Last year’s study has shown many hiccups remain in the way. Household members have seen digital bandwidth and physical space stretched to the limit to meet each member’s demands. This new study shows people are slowly getting used to remote and digital life. They have learned to optimize available devices and other resources. They are able to fine-tune their physical and virtual worlds.

In this research, almost 99% of workers who had to work from home informed they liked this experience. They cited the benefits that make WFH a better choice than working in the office. The three advantages they cited include no need to commute to the workplace, a comfortable working environment at home, and minimum risk of getting infected with Covid-19. The three most cited challenges included dealing with household and family responsibilities during working hours, feeling stressed, and slow Internet services.

Remote workers overall liked the remote working experience. They faced issues in maintaining a balance between their work and life. The work-from-home policy caused a different type of stress. There are issues with Internet connectivity.

The study says the issues cited by the remote workers have come down when compared to the last year’s study on this subject. The workers have now adapted to working remotely from home. Internet network and bandwidth have improved due to strong demand from WFH workers.


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