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7 Project Management Tools to Make Your Life Easier: Here are the details.

When it comes to project management tools, the best option for one person may not be the best option for another and vice versa. Examining many alternatives, testing them to see how they interact with your workflow or business model, and comparing the results is the quickest method to determine which is best for you and your projects. Here are seven project management tools that you should give a shot at if you haven’t already!

Wrike is one of the most underappreciated project management solutions available. It’s a complete solution with excellent features at a price that won’t break the bank. You may manage resources and tasks, assign work to team members, define project deadlines and timelines, and track progress with Wrike.

The software also offers some robust reporting features, allowing you to assess how things are going and identify potential issues rapidly. Reports can be distributed as needed to clients or team members.
Although one drawback is that it doesn’t give the same level of customization as other solutions, this is more than made up for by its ability to interact with other systems in your business. Wrike is not just for large corporations; small teams will also benefit from it. However, this might not be for you if you’re searching for something with a lot more powerful features.

Asana is a single tool for project planning, execution, and tracking. You can set deadlines, assign tasks to team members, and monitor their progress by creating projects with tasks. To stay informed about the status of each component of your project, Asana also lets you upload files, track project documentation, and produce reports. One of Asana’s best attributes is how seamlessly it connects with Google Drive, making it simple to access any material pertinent to your project.

If you’re searching for a more comprehensive software package that enables you to keep track of every detail of your projects from beginning to conclusion, adopt this platform. Asana includes all the features a project management solution may need or want. Although it doesn’t have quite as many integrations as Basecamp or Trello, it does have a great Google Drive integration, which is helpful. Jira is a good alternative if you like a different kind of user interface, like Trello; however, Asana should be at the top of your list regardless when looking at project management solutions.

A great project management solution for small teams and projects is Trello, which is free and straightforward. It’s wonderful since setting up and organizing jobs is relatively simple because of the drag-and-drop capability. Additionally, you may share your boards with others so they can view your progress! Trello connects with numerous other programmes, such as Google Drive, Gmail, Slack, and others, to make life a little bit simpler. Give it a go! What’s best? You can use it right away without having to register or pay anything. Because there isn’t an offline version of this programme, it could be challenging to complete some tasks if you need internet connectivity.

However, if your team requires something quick, easy, and cost-free, this might be the software for you. Another drawback of this programme is that all the cards below a deleted card in a list also vanish. That implies that if you remove a card from the Done section, all cards in the Doing section will also be removed. So be careful not to press that button by accident! Look at Basecamp or Asana if you’re seeking another free online project management tool with loads of features.

Basecamp is a project management application that makes it simple to communicate with your team, solicit input, and monitor progress. Additionally, it interfaces with other well-known programs like Slack and GitHub so that you can keep track of everything without switching screens. Although I’ve used other programs in the past, I keep returning to Basecamp since it functions well and doesn’t get in the way.

Jira is one of the most straightforward project management solutions for software developers to learn. Jira allows you to create tasks and sub tasks, assign them to particular individuals, specify due dates, and add attachments for further information.

To ensure that your team has access to all the project data they require, you can even use Jira’s connectivity with additional apps like Slack and Trello. Up to ten users can use it for free; beyond that, monthly plans start at $10. [Basecamp: As its name suggests, Basecamp is a platform that focuses on tasks and makes it simple to monitor current projects.

You can keep organized and on target with the help of the project management tool Smartsheet. You don’t need to spend hours learning new software or systems because they are simple. You can share files with your team, assign tasks, build templates, and import data from other sources. Tools are available for project time estimation and time tracking.

This makes it simple to determine whether or not you’re meeting deadlines! Please register for a free trial if this sounds like the kind of app you want. Hangouts: Using the Google Hangouts app, you can participate in live video chats with people worldwide while working from home. Once you’re linked, you’ll be able to communicate as though everyone was present at once. Hangouts provide built-in text chat functionality and document sharing capabilities in addition to discussions and meetings through your phone!

A web-based project management tool called ClickUp is free for the first five users. It provides all the tools you need to manage your team and projects, such as Gantt charts, time tracking, invoicing, reporting, and more. One of its biggest benefits is the simplicity with which anyone in your organization may set up a task or event. There will be no more challenging email chains or trying phone calls.

Additionally, you can easily assign duties to other team members. TimeCamp is an online time tracker that assists you in keeping tabs on the amount of time you spend on various chores. This tool propels your freelance business to the next level with features like email notifications, an offline app, and even billing integration.


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