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7 Marketing tools that are stronger in Digital Economy and help you Grow. 

The digital economy is rapidly growing, along with AI marketing tools. These tools let users penetrate people’s psyches, help them understand their needs, and deliver the right content at the right time.

Browse AI

Browse AI is a website-scraping program that extracts and monitors data from websites. Enter the URL of the page you wish to scrape, and the tool will begin gathering information. 


It’s a powerful, all-in-one customer support tool that uses AI to help customers quickly and affordably. It has many features make it the most popular chatbot on the market.

  • Chatbot that can speak multiple languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
  • Chatbot that can answer complex questions.
  • Chatbot that answers customer questions in real-time


This is an AI writing tool specifically made for landing pages. You can choose from a variety of headline ideas to drive conversions. However, head line’s greatest benefit is its ability to save time and money on your copywriting process. 


Grammarly is an excellent tool for creating copy without Grammatical errors. Grammarly uses AI to catch spelling and grammar mistakes and subtle wording issues. It can also identify stylistic issues, such as too many adjectives and adverbs. It is a useful addition that will help you to nail down the details that make your work shine. 

Photo Room

This app automates the removal of backgrounds from photos. It analyzes the image to identify the background elements and removes them automatically. Photo Room is free and available for both Android and iOS users. It can be found on the company’s website or your local app store. 

Brand 24

This is a great way to access brand mentions across news instantly, blogs, forums, videos, podcasts, reviews, etc. It is a great tool to monitor your brand’s online reputation and inform you about what’s happening.


Zapier automates tasks across multiple apps, websites, or platforms. So you can automate your work and focus on the important things. It is free and offers many options for automating any task.


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