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5 Tech Tools Every Small Business Must Have.

Utilizing technology in your small business can increase productivity, save time, and allow you to engage with customers in novel and exciting ways. Finding the proper ones, however, can be challenging and time-consuming with the abundance of new tools and technology. The following ten tech tools can help you manage a successful small business.

Google Apps
For about $5 per month per user, Google Apps is a fantastic set of tools for any small business. They provide everything, including word processing, spreadsheets, and email; you can access them all from the same account. A complete set of integrations included with Google Apps can help boost productivity at your business. For instance, link your Google Drive account to Slack or Trello so that each time you create a new document in Drive, a copy will instantly be shared in those channels! Additionally, this integration is already turned on, so there’s nothing additional you need to do.

In addition, Google has made all of its products cross-compatible and fully mobile-friendly (they operate on any device) (if someone is using Chrome on their laptop but then switches over to their phone during the day, nothing changes).

Also, remember that each Google account comes with 15 GB of storage space, which is five times as much as Dropbox’s free offering and allows for simultaneous collaboration with many users.

Although Google Apps does take some time to set up, once everything is functional, you’ll be glad you invested the effort.

Software for Project Management
Project management is one of the most crucial facets of running a small business. It might be challenging to decide which project management software to use because so many options are available. Find something that works for you and will assist you in managing tasks like projects and deadlines.

The following five project management tools are essential for small businesses:

1. Basecamp is a cloud-based application with team and client collaboration capabilities. Beginners will find it an excellent choice because of its user-friendly interface.

2. Trello – Trello is another cloud-based choice with excellent customer support and many additional advantages.

3. Asana – Dustin Moskovitz, a co-founder of Facebook, created Asana in 2008.

It is an excellent option for any organization or person because it provides teamwork management and personal task organization through its system.

Software for Tracking Time
You’ve probably heard the proverb, “time is money.” There isn’t a truer statement than that. You may advance your business by knowing where your time is going and how it is used. For small firms, time-tracking software can be a game-changer because it makes it simple to track how much time is spent on various projects, allowing you to see inefficiencies and areas for improvement.

Additionally, it offers an hourly breakdown by project so that you can quickly identify the things that occupy most of your day. This not only makes scheduling simpler but also improves billing accuracy. What if you’re in charge of a distant team? Because it guarantees that everyone understands the company’s aims and policies, it becomes even more crucial.

CRM software, or Customer Relationship Management
Small businesses benefit from customer relationship management (CRM) software by streamlining their customer communications. CRM software can assist in greatly simplifying the management of a business, from a simple contact database to more sophisticated functionality.

CRMs come in various forms, so it’s crucial to pick the one that best suits your requirements. Some of the more popular options are listed below: Salesforce. You can participate on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter with the help of a social media marketing tool, giving you access to an immense pool of potential customers.

By sharing postings on these networks and reposting pertinent and engaging content, these tools can also be leveraged to drive traffic back to your website.

Live Chat Support
Any small business that wants to offer excellent customer service needs lives chat software. It enables you to communicate with customers in real-time and gives them access to information without making them wait for a callback or an email response.

Additionally, you may write FAQs for your clients and have the live chat program respond to them automatically. Thanks to live chat software, you no longer need to sit at your desk waiting for calls.


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