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5 must-do things on phone before travelling in winters.

The year 2022 is almost at an end. For many, it’s time for Christmas or winter break. After more than two years of the epidemic, this year’s Christmas and New Year are particularly wonderful. Thankfully, practically everywhere, life has returned to normal—no more limitations on travel. Therefore, if you intend to travel this winter, we have some crucial tasks for you. You must download these and keep them on your phone while traveling. Some of these will be helpful in an emergency, while others will support you if there is a signal problem or another problem. Now for the list of the top ten things to do:

Activate emergency broadcast alerts.

While traveling, you should enable Emergency Broadcast warnings if you are going to a remote area, a region at risk for landslides, or anywhere else. By providing you with warnings in advance, threat notifications, and AMBER alerts, enabling this option can be helpful.

Keep emergency contact information and a medical ID on your lock screen.

You should also store medical information and emergency contacts on your smartphone. If something goes wrong, it will be easier for the first responders to assist you and reach out to your family.

With Android: Settings > About > Emergency information > Fill out all the fields > Tap on medical info > Edit the data and include all medically relevant information, such as blood type and diseases.

Apple iPhone:

  • Go to the Health app.
  • Select Medical ID.
  • Fill out all the required information, including an emergency contact.

Save important phone numbers for nearby authorities, hotels, and other establishments.

You must save the contact information for relevant local officials, including the embassy and local police.

Save maps offline

Users of Google Maps can download offline maps. You should download the maps offline on your phone if you’re driving, hiking, or just exploring. You can still get the appropriate directions with this, even without an internet connection.

Always keep your passport, license, and other critical documents with you.

Keep a digital copy of your important documents on your phone. The papers can be kept securely on your phone and accessed from anywhere with the Digilocker app. Alternatively, you can take a picture of your documents and store them in a private folder on your phone or a secure location like Secure Folder.


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