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5 ‘little-known’ features of Windows 11.

Although Windows 11 is not a significant improvement over Windows 10, it does bring about several general adjustments. This includes adjustments to the appearance and feel, functionality, gaming capabilities, and app compatibility. Microsoft released the first significant update to Windows 11 in September of this year to mark the year anniversary of the new operating system, which began rolling out as an upgrade to PCs in October 2021. Over 190 countries people received the free update to download. Here are a few of Windows 11’s standout features as the operating system completes its first full year in 2022.

Allow users to type using their voice with voice typing
A brand-new voice typing accessibility feature is also included in Windows 11. Users can dictate whatever they wish to write by pressing Win+H. The feature supports punctuation.

File Manager tabs: Simplify file management

Microsoft has added tabs to the Windows File Manager, just like web browsers. With this, users can interact with numerous folders, drivers, and windows in separate tabs rather than windows, which improves file management and organisation.

Xbox improvements: New gameplay features for an improved gaming experience

The Auto HDR feature available on Xbox Series X|S is now available in Windows 11. This improves the game experience on monitors that support HDR. For those with NVMe SSD drives, Windows 11 will also support DirectStorage, offering significantly quicker game loading times.

Smart App Control: Prevents viruses and assaults on Windows computers.

By rejecting dangerous or dubious programmes, the new Smart App Control significantly increases security against malware, including new and emerging threats. Additionally, it disables potentially unwanted applications that impair system performance.

Snap Layouts: Facilitates multitasking
The new Snap layout option introduced in the Windows 11 2H22 update enables users to rapidly open apps in multi-window mode. To use this, move the mouse pointer over a window’s maximize button. Several positioning options will appear. The productivity of those who use huge screens will be improved. These layouts are also kept and available for the taskbar icons for the apps.


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