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5 Best Smart Speakers to buy in 2022.

Smart speakers allow you to control many aspects of your day with an amazing voice. It could be the most useful gadget you own that will play your favorite music from any music streaming service. You can also set timers and help you manage your shopping list. 

Your smart speakers can control your home devices without needing to reach your phone. You can control your smart lighting to adjust the brightness according to the time of the day or lamps connected to a smart plug to turn on or off to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Here are 5 amazing smart speakers you should consider

Sonos One

The Sonos One smart speaker is one of the best available right now. It delivers the perfect combination of sound quality and features. Although it’s not the most expensive smart speaker, it is loved fr  its sound and the microphone array. 

The Sonos One is a sleekly designed, feature-rich, and great-sounding device. It can be used with Alexa, Google Assistant, and AirPlay 2. The Sonos One can communicate with Siri and can also be used in a multi-room system that includes the Apple HomePod Mini or Apple HomePod Mini.

Amazon Echo Dot 

The Amazon Echo Dot is the best choice for those who don’t know much about smart home technology and want to take the first steps. It allows Alexa to be part of your home, and it is loud enough that it fills a room. It’s also affordable at $50/AU$80, making it one of the most sought-after smart speakers.

The Dot shares the same space-age aesthetic as the Amazon Echo 2020 (2020). It looks great and is a refreshing departure from the Echo Dot. It was easy to set up and use in homes, but the small speaker makes the sound less powerful than its other upgraded versions. 

Apple HomePod Mini

Apple discontinued this smaller version of the HomePods. Rumors are circulating that another updated version will be available soon. These smart speakers are small but pack a big punch. Apple HomePod Mini speakers will be a great choice if you love Apple Music and the ecosystem.

The HomePod mini cannot play Spotify music. This can only be done through AirPlay. You will need to use your phone to ask Siri for Spotify to play your tunes. The smart speaker is compatible with fewer smart home devices than the Alexa-enabled smart speakers.

Google Nest Audio

The Google Nest Audio smart speaker is the best Google-made smart speaker currently available. People liked the Google Home Max speaker, but Google stopped making it.

The Nest audio could pick up our commands easily, and Google Assistant responded quickly and clearly. Its subtle, unassuming design will blend well into any home’s decor. In addition to its excellent audio skills, it is also an intelligent smart home hub. It can connect to some of the most popular platforms, including Nest, Philips, and Samsung’s SmartThings. However, there is no Zigbee hub built in like the Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo (2020)

Amazon’s latest spherical Amazon Echo represents a complete redesign of its flagship smart speaker. The new shape is just part of the story. There’s also a significantly improved sound quality, an integrated Zigbee smart-home hub, and a new neural edge processor called AZ1. This reduces the time Alexa takes to respond to commands. This is a major step forward for Amazon’s smart speakers.

It’s not perfect. We felt the Echo could be a little louder when we tested it, especially compared to larger competitors like the Apple HomePod or Google Home Max. However, Amazon has a louder Echo Studio, which you can find elsewhere in this guide. Amazon is known for being a bit more independent than other companies. You can’t use Google Cast or send audio from your phone using a Google Nest Audio device. Also, you can’t add your Echo to an Apple HomeKit network. However, many HomeKit devices can also be compatible with Alexa.


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