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5 Best Linux Distributions That are Most Suitable for Beginners.

It is not the difficult part of choosing Linux but finding the right distro for you among all the available Linux distros. Don’t worry! To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of beginner’s top five Linux distributions.

Linux’s beauty lies in its many options. Linux’s strength is its ability to offer so many options. Some call this Linux distro fragmentation. It allows users to select a Linux distro that suits their needs and learn new things. You can also find beginner-friendly Linux, lightweight, and gaming distros.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint is one of the most widely used Linux distributions. It has become a significant competitor to Ubuntu, the parent operating system. It is known for providing a user-friendly and seamless desktop experience. If someone asks us for recommendations on the best Linux distro to start users, Linux Mint is sure to be high.

What makes Linux Mint such a great distro for beginners, you ask? How does a Windows user learn Mint? Linux Mint was designed to offer a unique experience for newbies. Mint’s extensive selection of pre-bundled utilities makes it easy for Windows users to switch to Linux Mint. It works equally well on powerful desktops as it does on laptops.

Linux Mint comes in three main editions: Cinnamon (MATE), Xfce (Xfce).

Manjaro Linux

You might need help to follow the path if you begin your Linux journey using the Manjaro Arch Linux system. Most people start with Debian-based distributions. If you have an older system configuration that needs maintenance,

Manjaro KDE is lightweight and straightforward to use. The Manjaro KDE version is a must-have for Arch Linux users.

Manjaro KDE’s green-black desktop theme will amaze you with its simplicity, robustness and elegance. Most of the distro’s GUI can be used with a conventional console terminal. You can update or remove software using the Pamac GUI-based tool. Most users love the Pamac tool for its connectivity and versatility.

The first release of this free, open-source Linux distribution was in 2011. Its single-source Linux kernel is highly interactive, solid and robust for resource management. Manjaro KDE is a great Linux distro choice for beginners, thanks to its large repository.


If you are a regular reader then you will not need an introduction of Ubuntu. But why is Ubuntu so attractive for beginners when other distros that are “Easy to use” are vying for your attention? Ubuntu is a well-known Linux distro that has been around for many years. Debian was difficult to install in the older days. It was therefore created and has maintained its legacy for many decades.

Each new release is better and loaded with new features. Many PC manufacturers like Lenovo and Dell have specific machines preinstalled with Ubuntu. Ubuntu has dramatically impacted the cloud after conquering the desktop market. Ubuntu’s prominent community and online forums are another reason to choose Ubuntu as your first Linux user. It is available in various flavors, including the popular vanilla Ubuntu.

Zorin OS

Recently, the Zorin OS has been widely used to replace Windows at home and at work. This lightweight Linux distro can be written in C++, Python, and Java programming languages. Zorin OS is the ideal Linux replacement for those using Windows and macOS for some time. It was firstly released in 2009. Now, it’s available in over 50 languages.

The Zorin OS has a large Linux repository and is growing in popularity. You can play all the most popular games on Zorin OS via Steam, Play On Linux, or Wine. Wine installation and use in Zorin OS is much easier than in other Linux distributions.

This Linux distro is wholly designed for beginners. It is available in both GNOME desktop environments and XFCE desktop environments. This Linux distribution is Debian-based and uses the Snap, Apt, and DPKG tools to manage software and packages.

It is easy to install the Zorin OS using a USB drive. To make the file bootable, you will need the bootable ISO file. After you are done, you can test the Zorin OS on your computer. You can also use your NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards with the Zorin OS. Like other Linux systems, the Zorin OS is beneficial in keeping your system virus-free.


Solus is an independent Linux distribution that was created from scratch. It follows the “Install Today” model. Updates Forever promises regular updates with a rolling release system. The Solus team also offers installation media for various desktop environments.

Linux beginners will love Solus’ elegant and clean design. Although Solus has a smaller software selection than other distros, it is still very useful. It is known for its smooth, hassle-free installation regarding hardware problems. The installation process is easy and can be completed in no time.

It also includes pre-bundled tools for development, making it one of the best distros to program. It’s also one of the most popular Ubuntu-based distros.


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