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4 Top reasons why you should switch to an EV.

Due to the pandemic, car dealerships are experiencing a rise in the demand for brand-new cars, and, in most instances, the demand is for electric automobiles.

For most people, the new electric lifestyle requires making well-informed choices. Do you stay with the same decisions for internal combustion, or do you look forward to the future of electric vehicles?

This year will be a turning point in selling new cars since, in the first instance, manufacturers will start making the CO2 output of their lineups high on their priorities. In addition to design, performance, and other conventional sales factors, The EU’s fleet average of 95g/km CO2 regulations mean that every manufacturer of cars will face significant penalties if they fail to meet their goal. That means the variety of electric vehicles on the market is set to expand, and the future of electric cars is upon us, so why not take advantage of it right now?

Here are our top five reasons to consider it If you’re considering switching to electric power this year!

1. Low running costs
After you’ve decided to buy an electric car, its daily running costs are much less than when you drive a petrol or diesel-powered model. Typically, electric vehicles are charged at night to prepare for the following day; therefore, you’ll be charging energy at a lower cost than throughout the day.

It’s thought that fully charging your electric vehicle at home is only several dollars, much lower than what it costs to fill a car with fuel for the exact miles. Of course, this price will depend on the method you use, when, and where you charge, as is filling up your vehicle with different stations for fuel, but it still provides you with more than 10% of the price you’d spend on diesel or petrol.

You could opt for an in-home charging station that can be set up when you buy an electric vehicle which will let you fully charge your electric car that has the 40kW power of a battery for PS4.80. If you traveled 200 miles, that’s a cost lower than 3 cents per mile!

2. A smooth driving experience
The only sound an electric motor produces is a squealing sound, which is why the interior is comfortable in the cabin. You’ll only hear wind, tires, and road noise while driving. If you’re driving around town, three things are minimal.

The sound generated by electronic vehicles can be so insignificant that some companies are even adding sound generators to make sure motorists, pedestrians, and others on the road are conscious of their presence when driving.
Many EVs are built to be comfortable in the city. The suspension must be firmly anchored to support the battery’s weight, and the ride’s comfort goes hand-in-hand with the absence of noise. The batteries are typically installed low inside the vehicle, and the motor occupies less space than the engine, which means the passenger compartment can offer greater space than the same size diesel or petrol vehicle.

3. High mileage range
“Range Anxiety” is real it is frequently used when discussing reasons not to choose an EV because of concerns about the battery capacity.
An electric vehicle in 2020 could take you a far distance. For instance, it is possible to get the Nissan LEAF e+ provides up to 239 miles that can take the passenger from London to Bristol and back on a single charge. With miles left.

When switching from diesel/petrol to electric, you have to think about when you last had to refill your tank with petrol, and if you regularly have a full tank of petrol, that is not the same for electric vehicles. It is possible to charge your electric vehicle overnight, and an energizing charge will be ready at the beginning of the day. You can also use fast charging stations found at all petrol stations and service points.
4. Zero emissions
Electric vehicles emit no emissions when driving. In cities and towns, it is important to note that EVs do not emit emissions and can help to reduce the greenhouse effect of CO2 and other gases.

Additionally, Fine particles that come from car exhausts have been proven to be hazardous to health. The absence of exhaust and fumes means no pollution.

Fully electric vehicles can be exempted from paying charges like the London Congestion Charge. Other cities will likely implement similar programs in the coming years to motivate people to switch to electric.

These are our top four reasons to choose one powered by electricity!


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