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3 Best Android Apps For Writers To Help You Write On The Go.

How I write while I’m not at my desk is a subject that has perplexed countless authors since the dawn of time. It’s not always simple, but you could find it more straightforward than you anticipated with the help of these 3 Best Android Apps For Writers To Help You Write On The Go. Use them to take notes, write lists, and record inspiration on the road. Let’s get going!

iA Author
Additionally, the app has a tonne of features that make writing simpler, like templates for various document types, autocorrect and spellchecker, text highlighting and note-taking capabilities (using different colors), and an export function that lets you convert your text from Microsoft Word (.docx) or Open Office (.odt) formats into PDFs or Rich Text Format files (.rtf).

However, iA Writer lacks a feature that enables collaborative editing so that you cannot edit a document with others. Editors’ Choice Grammarly might be a better option if you’re seeking a function like this. It is one of the few apps that only check for grammar and spelling errors. It tests for more than 250 problems, including grammatical issues and if you used it when it was intended. It can even spot plagiarism, which is helpful if you publish articles in blogs or newspapers and don’t want someone else to steal them and use them elsewhere. Its help system, which walks users through some fundamental processes like how to utilize punctuation, is another fantastic feature.

Finally, Evernote will back up your data to be safe in the cloud regardless of what happens to your device (or if you lose it). Additionally, notes can be automatically or manually synced with other devices. Unlike other apps, this one makes recording voice memos and text-based notes simple. For those occasions when a narrative idea comes to you and vanishes just as fast, a web clipper enables you to save content from any browser with only a few mouse clicks or finger taps. There is never a reason not to be able to record inspiration at any time when you have this software on your phone.

Google Docs
Google Docs is one of the best programs for writers. On your smartphone or tablet, you may create and edit documents and presentations with this software, a component of the Google toolkit. It features real-time user collaboration and is accessible on iOS and Android devices. Additionally, there are some cool features like text underlining, image insertion, in-line commenting, shape drawing, and table insertion. Additionally, offline editing features allow you to make modifications while not connected to the internet and sync them when you do.


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