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2022 OLED TVs from LG are now cheaper at Best Buy.

Last month, a wide range of LG electronics were subjected to discounts at Best Buy. Some of their products subject to discounts include the 2022 OLED TVs. The OLED TVs were discounted at never-before rates. For example, LG’s 55-inch B2 OLED was only $999.99. Originally, it is priced at $1599.99. For comparison, at the time of publication, Amazon was charging an additional $300 for it.

About LG B2 OLED TVs

The B2 is LG’s midrange model. It has way more features than the A-series OLED. However, the B2 is not as feature-rich as the C2 Evo model. Even so, those who enjoy watching movies, playing video games, and watching television should be able to find almost everything they need in the B2. This includes a screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, a virtually infinite contrast ratio, and the deepest black color presentation. Two of the B2’s four HDMI connections on the back are HDMI 2.1, which has adequate bandwidth for the newest consoles and PCs to display 4K resolution at 120Hz.

About LG C2 OLED TVs

If you are looking for a smaller TV, LG’s 42-inch version of the C2 comes at $999.99. This price is a straightaway $400 discount from the original price of the model. On paper, C2 and B2 appear to have a lot in common, but there are two key differences that could sway your choice.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1 processor was 38% off, bringing the original price of $1599 to $999. With these savings, purchasing the MacBook Pro, which has a little greater GPU core count than the otherwise equivalent Air, is more economical.


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