Zoggles Goggles

zoggles-gogglesHow would you like a goggles that predict and prevents the buildup of ice, fog, and frost? Ask a driver who has to drive through foggy areas or a mountaineer.

The battery-powered Zoggles use small external and internal sensors and a microprocessor to constantly forecast when the lens surface will drop below the dew point – the temperature at which condensation occurs. Then a heat source raises the lens surface by a fraction of a degree Fahrenheit.

The invention has a history. The Integrity Engineering was contacted by representatives of an international team of mountain climbers, who had been searching for advanced technology eyewear for their Mount Everest Kohanim Expedition, scheduled for late spring 2006.

“As we learned, no goggle or protective eyewear used on any other Everest ascent has ever succeeded in making the climb to the summit without fogging or icing up. Eye protection is serious business in mountain climbing, particularly when one is climbing to 29,000+ feet. Outside of the cold (-30o F) and the incessant winds (to 65 MPH), and the lack of oxygen due to elevation, sun blindness is the third major obstacle to a successful climb. On Everest, unprotected exposure of one’s eyes of no more than 30 seconds can result in blindness. Numerous climbers in past expeditions have been known to nearly reach the summit, only to turn back due to their eyewear fogging or icing up, leaving them to risk sun blindness (by taking off their goggles and attempting to wipe the condensation or frost away), or to struggle back to camp partially sighted,” gives the concept behind this useful invention.

This indeed is an innovative idea from a creative mind.

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