ZeeVee ZvBox

Home security is one of the prime concerns in all societies. People go a long way to have peace of mind for securing home.

It used to be difficult to get your PC and HDTV to interact. Now it is easy. Thanks to recent developments in digital media accessories that link up with HDTV. Users can now sit back on the couch and watch content stored on or streamed from multiple PCs strewn throughout the house with the ease of using a single remote control.

Have a look at ZeeVee ZvBox – a device that can deliver Internet video content to your HDTV from a Web browser via a unique connection in addition to broadcasting multimedia files stored on your PC. Rather than Wi-Fi or Ethernet networking, the ZvBox uses your home’s coaxial cable TV wiring to create a private high-definition TV channel called Zv, which is then localcasted to all HDTVs in the home connected to the coaxial wiring. The ZvBox essentially transmits whatever would be showing on your PC’s monitor to your HDTV. This enables you to access streaming movies and TV shows found at such Internet portals as the major television networks.

Users can also view uploaded and viral videos from sites such as YouTube and DailyMotion. It is easy to start, stop and resume your computer’s DVD player from any HDTV using the included ZvRemote, which also provides full control of your computer from anywhere in the house, including cursor control.

It requires Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista (not Mac-compatible). Try it.

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