vaio-pLiving in the age of technological developments and innovations, users have the options to choose what suit their unique needs. Coming to laptops and notebooks some like it big whereas some need smaller ones. Techno Station is having a look at VAIO P that is one of the smallest notebook available now.

VAIO P (P for pocket) is small with about 8 inches screen display, light (weight 1.4 pounds). It comes with built in GPS device and is Bluetooth compatible. Sleek design comes in five colors )garnet red, emerald green, onyx black, crystal white, and classic black).

Sony calls VAIO P as a fully functioning laptop rather than a notebook (though the line dividing notebook and laptops is fading fast). Users generally have problem with smaller keyboards and mouse layout but for anyone who is familiar with this arrangement and can work comfortably, VAIO P can be best portable PC. And those who are not comfortable, it is matter of getting used to it.

What came to mind while looking at this notebook is that one can already see web browsing coming to cell phones. Is there any chance of cell phones coming into the notebooks (call them laptops). I have not tried any yet but it will be good idea if users can have notebook with built in cell phone in the machine. What you think? Tell us. May be this gives an idea to one of the innovative manufacturers.


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