Wi-Fi TV

Beyond personal computers, Wi-Fi chips are being put in into cameras, keyboards, mice and television. Industry guru in the know of the matter say that the current and next-generation versions of Wi-Fi have the bandwidth to offer video and can do a variety of things at lower power; energy use and wireless bandwidth have been the most common stumbling blocks to using the technology in more applications.

Wi-Fi started out linking computers to broadband connections, then to each other without cables presently allows to transmit a lot of data, really quickly, over distances of about 120 feet. In each generation of the technology standard, the amount of data that can be transmitted has expanded, essentially enabling the networks to carry more information and much faster. It could soon replace technologies such as Bluetooth or proprietary lasers in wireless keyboards and mice.

Wi-Fi TV(TM) has been working to being TV on the convergence of TV and the Internet. They provided the first online movie in December 1995. Imagine watching hundreds of TV stations and chatting with others watching the same program in a live chat box directly under the viewing screen, and getting breaking news for each category listed, and downloading a free dialer and making phone calls and hosting live video parties all on one web. Wi-Fi TV(TM) has recently announced that it is adding additional technological features to its web site to position it to be a leader in Internet TV market share, and has introduced a simplified sign-up process. Wi-Fi TV has several exclusive TV stations. Stay tuned and see what comes next.

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