Wi-Fi City

Wi-Fi is one of the latest and hottest advancement in web technologies. It is already creating waves and trend watchers are predicting how this will change the world or at least the usage of the Internet in the world.

Wi-Fi is a continuous transmission of high-bandwidth video and multimedia information. It serves the LAN (local area network) market. Simply put, it connects data devices with wireless transmissions. In other words, it enables computers to “talk” to the Internet without being connected to a modem, DSL or cable. Instead of “talking” via wires and cables, the computer is “talking” over the wireless Ethernet.

Wi-Fi is already available in many places including hotels, lounges and in the air. Imagine if some locality is completely Wi-Fi, businesses could stream and receive all sorts of broadband video and multimedia information to and from any spot in the world without modems or cables connecting them to the Internet – complete mobility with the two-way transference of business data. Users could set up video cameras at any locations and monitor those locations or even employee and or a vehicle. Police could have on board computers in their cars and have access to all data in an instant. In the Wi-Fi city, no one will need modems or cable/DSL connections.

By the way this is not a scientific fiction. Philadelphia has recently announced that it is going Wi-Fi. It will provide Wi-Fi to all of the residents and businesses who want it. Before that Sarasota, Florida, company is delivering Wi-Fi technology to area businesses that subscribe to its services. Many college campuses are already totally Wi-Fi. This means that students can access their computers anywhere on campus, even under a tree.

How would you like to live in Wi-Fi city?

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