What is not technology ?

Throughout the last century the uses of the term technology has increased exponentially. Though technology has been there since the dawn of civilization, the term in present age has come to the point where it encompasses every thing; ok almost every thing. The term technology has been used to refer to the Internet, machines, and tools and earlier to wheel, hand spinning mill, Persian well to name just a few. But technology is much more than just the artifacts.

As per the common literature, technology is the process (starting from the design, manufacture, operation, and maintenance of artifacts) by which humans control and use nature to suit their own requirements. The knowledge and methodologies to run the artifacts are also part of technology.

Result of the empirical study of the nature (material facts), a body of knowledge has been accumulated over time. This knowledge along with desire to create and control answers how(s) and why(s) and nature is shaped according to the ever growing human needs.

Technology can be classified as objects (tools, products), knowledge (know how), activities (methodologies), process (systematic advance from a requirement to solution) but it can not be delimited to any one or more of these fields.

Besides human needs (necessity is the mother of invention as they say), technology is also shaped and advanced by societal acceptance. One latest example is that of mobile phones. Mobiles have shaped the whole way of life in very short time. That is how technology shapes the society.

Looking around, one can’t see any thing that is not related, directly or indirectly, to technology. Can you?

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