Walk with Walkman

w-series-walkman-mp3-playerRemember when walkman came up on the market first. Everyone wanted one and sales sky rocketed. No gadget has still surpassed the sale record of walkman. Now Sony’s new NWZ-W202 W-Series Walkman MP3 player – a stylish device worn directly in the ears – is creating waves.

The W-Series Walkman MP3 player is made with two rectangular-shaped earpieces that are connected with a flexible cord of a neckband. When you put it on, it looks like you are wearing two Bluetooth headsets. The earpieces are magnetized so that when they are separated, music begins playing, and when they are joined together, the music is off. The controls are simple to operate – the right earpiece contains one button each to turn the volume up and down and a jog dial to skip songs. A feature called ZAPPIN allows you to preview a short clip of each song before picking the one you want. Oh, how amazing.

The W-Series Walkman that 2 GB of music, can be plugged into a laptop with the USB cord, songs can be dragged and dropped from iTunes onto the device. What is more, charge it for three minutes and it will go for 90 minutes of battery life. What else one needs.

One of the best device that can accompany you anywhere, especially in gym and on other outdoor athletic pursuits. May be this will urge me to start jogging again.

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