Walk Through Then Work – Automated Guided Vehicles

automated-guided-vehicleTechno Station looks at the robotics very keenly. This let us present to our readers some of the newer trends and also allow us to predict what is coming in future. No, this is not a crystal ball gaze, rather our empirical observations.

Like any other invention, concept of automated guided vehicles have grown out of sheer necessity. Ask the warehouse workers and thy will tell you how they need lift trucks to do their work effectively.

This quest lead us to Seegrid Corporation’s automated guided vehicle Walk Through Then Work that helps in material handling with its GP8 robotic pallet truck. Scientists at Seegrid have been at work on robotics technologies since the late 1970s, and a series of breakthroughs and evolutionary developments have worked together to allow Seegrid to deliver the future of industrial mobile robotics today. They have come a long way.

The robot they are working on is easy to use, simply walk it through where it needs to go and it learns the path by taking pictures and building 3D map of its surroundings to create guide paths. Simply like a person remembers how to get places visually. Only the software – Evidence Grid Technology breaks the world down into a probabilistically weighted grid – translates physical information into data and builds 3D maps and creates guide paths from the information.

Walk Through Then Work is going to be very interesting to watch and productive to work with.

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