Virtual Keyboard

virtual-keyboardKeyboards have become so common in our lives that we don’t even notice some innovations that come along with the, savvy reader are already familiar with keyboards without keys, keyboards with mirrors, or keyboards for just one hand and more.

Commonly held standard for layout and design is based on the 101 key Keyboard. Generally speaking, standard have a QWERTY layout, a flat or slightly inclined rectangular shape, and keys situated where long time computer users expect them. Then there are ergonomic keyboards. For some people, typing on a standard QWERTY layout is too awkward and too hard to learn. Others find that using a standard keyboard causes debilitating pain in their arms and wrists. In response to such problems, inventors have created different keyboards; departing from what is taken as standard. Beyond even that, let us have a look at a cool virtual keyboard?

Yes, there is no keyboard. You just have to strike your fingers into a solid tabletop (or any other surface) trying to press keys that aren’t really there. This Bluetooth tends to be visible primarily in shady areas (or at night) because it is virtual, and it sports a totally red laser.

Other features of this full size, qwerty wire free keyboard include that it can be carried in a pocket. Sensitivity can be adjusted to suit your typing style and it works with compatible Bluetooth devices.

Personally, I like the feel of the keys under my figures. Don’t think I can keep striking my keys on a table. What you think?

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