Underwater Robot

underwater-robotReaders of Techno Station might remember mention of Robotic Fish that will navigate underwater and will help measure sea pollution. Have a look at this four leg robot that is designed to do some work autonomously underwater. It’s loaded up with touch sensors that allow it to keep itself stable in strong currents and also delicately grip objects in its claws without breaking anything.

Seems straight from science fiction, the robot reminds of an episode of GI Joe that takes place underwater. This robot actually dives into the sea, swims to the submerged cable and carries out the necessary repairs, but the person controlling the robot does not have an easy task. If the robot encounters an obstacle, the strain gauge is distorted and the electrical resistance changes. The special feature of strain gauge is that it is not glued but printed on. The single printed strip is just a few ten micrometers wide (about half the width of a human hair). As a result, the strain gauges can be applied close to each other and the robot can identify precisely where it is touching an obstacle. The sensor is protected from the salt water by encapsulation.

More work is being done on the robot. It might be able to find its own way in future. A sensor will add a sense of touch and help it to detect its undersea environment autonomously.


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