Tug of War Between Carriers and the Developers

The iPhones are unleashing a huge wave of creative energy. The new applications are driving purchases in huge numbers of speedy smart phones and users are going to do what users do: use them. We are not just talking about consumers, though they are the leading edge of the newest products. Just as the BlackBerry has become an essential business tool, the new high-speed devices will find their way into business.

On the other hand, high-speed mobile bandwidth is still limited, and because the carriers are in control, it may be some time until users see a change the flawed launch of the iPhone 3G is a good example. Many users found that their sets were not running mobile applications faster than the original despite Apple’s claims of “twice as fast.” A few owners have already filed suits against Apple and a carrier. Making matters worse is the issue of support. The more widely smart phones are used, the more demand there will be for support, particularly if customers have performance issues. If you have ever dealt with technical support of carrier for a mobile issue, you know how likely it is that customers will come away feeling satisfied.

There seem to be a tug of war going on between developers and carriers. Not sure who will win but to me it looks that this combo is like needle and the thread.

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