Track the Technology

internetLong long ago, invention of wheel technology changed the life and ways human being used to work. Advancement in sciences added energy and made the wheel spin and do things on a speed. But they are all old stories and we take them for granted. Now it is difficult to imagine life without computers, the Internet, mobile phone and other countless technological innovations; though they are unevenly distributed across the world. There is a big divide between technology haves and have not(s), connected and not connected world.

Digital divide notwithstanding, having a closer look at the technological developments that we take for granted now is fascinating. See which one had greater impact on our ways of modern living and working. Personally speaking, I find RFID and applications, GUI, Social networking via internet, Online shopping/ecommerce/auctions, Mobile phones, computers and above all the World Wide Web.

World Wide Web alone can be considered as mother of most collaborative technologies. Imagine what you can do with a connected computer. Rather; imagine what you can’t do with the computer and the Internet connection? World Wide Web has enabled so many other phenomenon; personal as well as economic. What next? Stay tuned; Techno Station tries to keep track of the latest technology trend and also gives a peep into some of the most innovative tools and applications that are being invented.

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