Tesla Goes 100 Percent Electric

tesla-roadsterIn an era where gas prices at the pump spiking as high as we have seen lately, a low-carbon car that shatters preconceived notions of electric vehicles – may be the solution. Tesla Motors seemed to be working on this dream for many years – a quixotic dream.

Tesla is totally electric, goes from 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds and can travel nearly 250 miles (400 km)  on a single charge, says Tesla Motors Company’s home page. Of course, a skeptic might wonder where all of that electricity – during peak acceleration, enough to power 2,000 incandescent light bulbs – is coming from and how clean it is to produce. But at the speeds a Tesla can travel, you might tend to overlook such issues.

Range is based on Tesla’s most recent testing with a Validation Prototype car at an EPA-certified location in August 2008. EPA-certified electricity consumption is 28 kWh per 100 miles on EPA combined cycle. EPA range and electricity consumption are subject to change pending future testing. Actual range and electricity consumption will vary with driving conditions and charging location. Cost calculated using average winter/summer PG&E schedule E-9 off-peak “rate A” tariff, as of March 1, 2007.

We at Techno Station have always believed in new innovation and environmental friendly use of energy and spread with enthusiasm the word among readers. Well, Tesla is one of the latest.

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