Technology Vulnerabilities

Like all other online appliances family, the iPhone too has its vulnerabilities; some of them very serious. People are buying iPhones at the same speed despite security hiccups. Savvy individuals, however, go a long way to secure the device and reduce their risk if iPhone gets lost or stolen. Wired’s how-to wiki offers some valuable instructions on security your iPhone: Enable Pass code Protection, Enable SIM PIN Protection, Enable Auto-Lock, Re-map Your Home Button, and Use a Password Storing App. It is in the same milieu, there is debate going on about the harms in case this wonderful facility is given in the hands of kids.

One group opines that there is no harm. They can’t watch videos on it or play games but kids occasionally can check the weather, and if we are stuck somewhere waiting for something, they can flip through my pictures, and of course they sometimes get to talk on it. And beyond that iPhone should be off limits for kids. Some other think there is a case for letting kids find their own way, at an age-appropriate level.

What if kids swing my naked iPhone around using iSaber, expecting Wii-style damage to windows and the device itself? Ok, getting used to technology early — something that will increasingly invade their lives as it becomes more embedded in our world may be a good thing. But how early?
What you think?

Do you let your kids play with your iPhone (or your Blackberry or whatever you’re using these days) or is it off-limits?

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