Technology and Olympics 2008

The stage is set for sports lovers for the biggest event in history of the game where teams from all over the world are battling hard to prove their worth, for many players, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Olympics 2008 is taking place in China sports fans have gathered there to watch the thrilling game and the rest are glued to different media channels to find what is happening.

The passion for Olympics is certainly sweeping every, particularly the youth and sportsmen. In addition to conventional media (Radio, TV and Press), for the first time on Internet, Sports fans are going online to find all sorts of information about the latest, including multimedia content.

I have also been following Olympics like many others. Given my own interest, I was amazed to find out how Olympic Games have become tech event. Just see some of the equipment being used during Olympics 2008.

Swimmers are using LZR Racer swimsuits from Speedo that feature a very tight fit, a slippery synthetic fabric and ultrasonically welded seams to streamline the body. Several manufacturers have introduced cooling suits meant to be worn by athletes before the race. Athletes are using a hypoxic tent for training, made of sealed plastic. An air handler reduces the amount of oxygen in the tent to simulate any altitude. By sleeping in the tent, the athlete’s body keeps the red cell count high. Materials like carbon nano-tubes and Vectran have helped produce shoes with lightest weight ever. Similarly, light weight bikes are also being seen during Olympics 2008.

To see how technologies are being used in sports, I am going to spend my time immersing myself in the world’s most amusing and impulsive drama: Olympics 2008. You are invited.

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