Technologies Making a Difference

Technologies are making difference in more than one ways. In addition to improving the overall quality of life, modern technologies are having positive effects on the environment of our planet.

Let us recount some of the more visible factors that are helping sustainable development, ecology and environment: Industrial process is evolving and recycling is a major component resulting in a process that has less environmental impact and more closely resembles a balanced biological ecosystem. Similarly, due to technical advances, manufacturing processes now requires less energy and contribute less carbon dioxide to the global warming problem. Lower energy costs can mean higher profits. Innovative design changes to meet specific needs (take the example of a microwave oven) are almost all environmentally attractive as well. They use low energy, are small in size and reduced materials consumption during manufacturing. But this is not about how technology is poised to be environmental friendly. Point here is how use of digital cameras is helping environment.

Exponentially growing use of digital camera can reduce the destructive impact on the environment compared to film cameras. Or let us say that switching over to digital cameras will not be harmful for environment as traditional film cameras are. Remember the chemicals used while film processing.

I suggest that every one switch over to digital photography and help environment in own individual capacity. Every bit makes the difference.

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