Wi-Fi TV

Beyond personal computers, Wi-Fi chips are being put in into cameras, keyboards, mice and television. Industry guru in the know of the matter say that the current and next-generation versions of Wi-Fi have the bandwidth to offer video and can do a variety of things at lower power; energy use and wireless bandwidth […]

Wi-Fi City

Wi-Fi is one of the latest and hottest advancement in web technologies. It is already creating waves and trend watchers are predicting how this will change the world or at least the usage of the Internet in the world.

Wi-Fi is a continuous transmission of high-bandwidth video and multimedia information. It serves the LAN […]

Turn the Pages With Kindle

Have you had a chance to use a portable reading device that can wirelessly download books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers? Yes, thanks to advances in technologies that offer exceptional reading experiences.

Kindle is completely mobile and simple to use for everyone. No PC and no syncing needed. Using the same 3G network as advanced […]

Now Wi-Fi (Vi-Fi) in Vehicles

This is a Wi-Fi age. Those who need can find Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere; in home, hotels, airport lounges and in the airplanes. Next thing on the offer is Wi-Fi in the cars.

Microsoft’s is going to offer Wi-Fi technology in the vehicle. They call it Vi-Fi – vehicle Wi-Fi and it is a Wi-Fi […]

Wi-fi in the air

Wireless technology (Wi-Fi – Wireless Fidelity) is being used in home networks, mobile phones, video games and at some other places. Wi-Fi technologies are supported by nearly every modern personal computer operating system and most advanced game consoles, printers, and other peripherals. What next? Users will have Wi-Fi in the air.


Flex Hours

Internet technologies have already changed the way we live and work. Collaborative technologies have given ways to telecommuting and many savvy concerns are taking advantages. Figures recently released by the CBI indicate that 46 per cent of UK businesses now entertain telecommuting as compared to just 14 per cent in 2006.


Online Shopping

Festive season is about to start. That brings me to an idea about shopping and how people buy gifts and other products online. Shopping is an old phenomenon but the ways to shop have changed with the advent of the World Wide Web. Now savvy users turn to the Internet, look around and shop online. […]