Handheld Globull

Encrypted hard drive products are not new but encrypted data carrying devices are yet not very common. Lately, Bull Information Systems has unveiled a portable device designed Globull to carry data, and even a self-contained work environment, while on the move. Bull’s 60GB digital vault with built-in AES encryption will be available from next […]

When Sharing is So Common

Have a look at portable storage unit known as a Personal Sharing Device by Leyio that can be used to send and receive files in multiple ways including ultra-wide band.

Leyio Personal Sharing Device is small but quite chunky. On the front there is a small 1.5in screen and a fingerprint reader and single […]

Halloween Hues

Starting as a holiday in Celtic Ireland, Halloween has come a long way and is celebrated all over the world now. Every October 31st, kids and adults alike come together, dress up as their favorite characters, and go trick-or-treating around the community.

Just the name of Halloween is enough to make one dream about […]