Laptop or Cell Phone

Laptops and cell phone are converging; laptops are shrinking in size and price where as cell phones are expanded in size and capabilities. It seems that soon both the gadgets will fully overlap each others’ functionalities.

Tiny laptops, called netbooks with built-in cellular modems, at low, subsidized prices are already in market. Now Verizon […]

Translator in Your Backpack

Apart from business, people travel for so many different reasons: to explore, to feel, to learn, to get away from humdrum of the fast lane life, and to lose themselves or find themselves. George Santayana, a Philosopher, has been quoted as describing, “We need sometimes to escape into open solitudes, into aimlessness, into the […]

Atek’s OnBoard Travel Keyboard

I have always liked laptop that I can carry where ever I need to but I have always found it difficult to use the laptop keyboard. I get tired typing slowly with one hand, hitting wrong keys, and searching for oddly placed keys on my laptop keyboard? That is why I say, “Atek’s OnBoard […]