Technology Vulnerabilities

Like all other online appliances family, the iPhone too has its vulnerabilities; some of them very serious. People are buying iPhones at the same speed despite security hiccups. Savvy individuals, however, go a long way to secure the device and reduce their risk if iPhone gets lost or stolen. Wired’s how-to wiki offers some […]

Technology and Education

Like all other fields of human activities, Internet and web technologies have transformed education sectors as well. Technologies can play even larger role in accelerating this positive change.

Have a look at developed economies where the ratio of computers to students is one to one. Computing has already become an integral tool in all […]

IT Investment

Technology sector is experiencing decrease in investment as many big players are holding back from new initiatives. Forrester Research that has appeared lately reads, “more than 40 percent of the companies have reined in their technology spending. More businesses in the United States have cut their spending than anywhere else, and financial services firms […]

Technologies Making a Difference

Technologies are making difference in more than one ways. In addition to improving the overall quality of life, modern technologies are having positive effects on the environment of our planet.

Let us recount some of the more visible factors that are helping sustainable development, ecology and environment: Industrial process is evolving and recycling is a […]

Kitchen Composter

Landfill sites emit 10% of the poisonous gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect. In order to reduce the amount of waste that is left for landfills, more re-use and recycling of waste products is imperative. An easy way to reduce household waste by 30% is a kitchen composter. The Max Air kitchen composter […]

Technology and Olympics 2008

The stage is set for sports lovers for the biggest event in history of the game where teams from all over the world are battling hard to prove their worth, for many players, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Olympics 2008 is taking place in China sports fans have gathered there to watch the thrilling game and the rest […]

What is not technology ?

Throughout the last century the uses of the term technology has increased exponentially. Though technology has been there since the dawn of civilization, the term in present age has come to the point where it encompasses every thing; ok almost every thing. The term technology has been used to refer to the Internet, machines, and […]