Solar Powered Air Conditioner

A useable solar powered air conditioner is finally available for use. Not so much to the general public just yet but so far to McDonald’s and the US Navy. The Greencore patented GC 10200, made in the USA with eco-friendly materials comes in two models. One is a stationary; the other is a mobile […]

Solar Powered SolCHAT Bluetooth Speaker Phone

Those who are aware of scarce energy resources and also those who are conscious of what most human activities are doing to planet Earth say that the world need solar power – abundant energy resource. Many savvy concerns are offering products, large and small, that need solar power to function. Scosche has recently unveiled […]

Moving the Sun with Rotary Hydraulic Actuators

Those interested in Solar Energy might already be familiar with the 64MW Nevada Solar One – world’s third largest concentrated solar power plant. Located about 25 miles south of Las Vegas, the Plant spans 400 acres and generates approximately 129 million kWh of solar electricity annually, enough to provide power to more than 14000 […]

Charge Your iPhone With (sun)Light

Lithium ion polymer battery capacity: 3.7V 1500 mAh Output voltage: 5V (max) Output current: 450 ma (max) + Solar battery 100ma(max) Charge voltage: Solar battery 6V+USB DC 5V Charge current: 100ma (max)+ 500 ma (max) Electric eye dimension: 83mmx50mm Peak power supplied by photocell: 0.61W Operating voltage: 6V (max) Electric eye charging current : […]