AU Photo-U SP01 Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame Built-in CDMA2000 1x EV-DO module 7-inch digital photo 800 x 480 resolution 1GB of internal memory Supports GIF JPEG Flash files

Toshiba Journe Air 1000 Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame 10″ 16:9 LCD TFT Screen (800 x 480 resolution) LED Backlight Panel Contrast Ratio 400:1 Partial Touch Design in Display Panel Wi-Fi Model (linking to Flickr, Picasa and RSS reader) IP Radio with 30-50 Presets Auto File re-sizing Converting Software (Audio/Video conversion) Battery (30 mins), AC adapter & Tilt Sensor […]

Keian Japan P71-A2-JP Photo Frame and Printer

In addition to bringing to our readers new innovations in different fields of technologies, Techno Station closely focus on three factors while selecting and reviewing newer products; how they can make life easier, functionality and cost.

Keian Japan P71-A2-JP photo frame cum printer can certainly make life easier and is very functional. Have a […]