SKY Phone IM-R520S

Qbric II phone 3G full touchscreen phone Full touchscreen phone DivX player DVD-level video playback 3.2-inch WVGA(800*480) LCD screen Navigation function T-DMB PIP(Picture In Picture) function 3M AF camera 4GB external memory card Bluetooth connectivity White and Black colors

Nokia’s New Business Smartphone

Nokia E75 is a wonderful business smartphone with a full slide-out keyboard – the first from Nokia that sports a full slide-out qwerty keyboard. Handset easily fits on the palm. The design is solid and the stainless steel rim and battery cover suits neatly. The keyboard slide is spring loaded, so it snaps when […]

Blue Earth

Environmentally friendly companies are going long way to protect the planet Earth and reduce all sorts of emissions by using alternative sources of energy. Lately, Solar powered mobile phones have come up and are gaining attention of the users. Samsung – one of the leading mobile phone handsets manufacturers – has recently launched a […]

Have AURA of Motorola Around You

Inspired by luxury watches and handcrafted design, AURA is a unique mobile handset that breaks convention and re-establishes creativity in mobile device design and manufacturing. Combining superb craftsmanship and a distinctive interface, AURA delivers a sensory experience that is second to none for those with refined tastes. From the moment AURA owners pick up their […]

Motorola’s new ‘MotoPrizm’ is full touch

Similar in style as Krave ZN4 NO 3G data speeds 3 – megapixels camera 2.8-inch WVGA touchscreen Bluetooth S-DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) E-Wallet Only in Korea (1Q-2009)

Cell Phone and Spy Camera Combo

Innovation, style and functionality driven cell phone and camera combination has come a long way. Earlier cell phones used to be without camera, now most are coming with cameras. JinPeng E1181 is yet another departure from the rest. This phone allows the user to completely detach the camera as well as its rechargeable battery and […]

Nokia N97 is a Mini Computer

Despite ongoing global economic recession, tremendous growth is being seen in mobile phones industry. Developers are doing wonders to meet the ever growing demands for handsets. Recently, Nokia N97 was unveiled at the Nokia World 2008 conference in Barcelona. This quad-band world phone is HSDPA compatible with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.