The Alpha 680

We keep hearing different things about Google and its reach out. Now this: The first notebook computer running Google’s Android operating system will be released this summer. The trial products of the Alpha 680 running low cost ARM chips is coming out in June.

The Alpha 680, made by Chinese company Guangzhou Skytone Transmission […]

Green Energy Laptop

Fujitsu – one of the leading manufacturer – is setting another example of highly responsible eco-consciousness. The company is selling a laptop that runs on wind power. How? Fujitsu is purchasing wind power green energy credits for each of the FMV Loox laptops sold that are equivalent to the amount of electricity estimated to […]

Acer’s Timeline

Acer is playing important role in promoting the netbook and at the same time penetrating in market share. Only this week, the Acer unveiled its Timeline series of notebooks – company’s flagship product. Main claim of fame with Timelines is power saving as Acer new netbook can run up to 8 hours of battery […]

Eee PC 1000HE Loaded with Atom Processor

Let us have a look at the the Eee PC 1000HE – the first mini laptops available to use the new N280 version of Intel’s Atom processor.

Like many other netbooks, it has 1GB of memory, a 160GB hard drive and runs Microsoft’s Windows XP Home Edition. The difference is in the processor. It has […]

Notable Netbook

Netbooks are hot these days as more and more people are buying them. Given their light weight and the ability to do all basic computing functions, consumers and business users are getting them and making netbooks common every where.

Fourth-quarter sales in the PC industry in 2008 were depressing, whereas netbooks showed growth, and trend […]

Inspiring Aspire

Give me an Acer’s Aspire One mini laptop and most of my needs for computing on the move are met. The machine comes with 10.1in screen and the option to fit 2GB memory; much better than many netbook systems.

What makes this Aspire stand out from the other similar products are its keyboard and screen. […]

Touch Book Netbook

The Touch Book – a versatile new device that works as both a netbook and a tablet – was displayed by Always Innovating at DEMO 09 on March 2, 2009. Claim to fame of Always Innovating (very aptly named) claim to fame is using the latest developments in open source technologies worldwide to create innovative […]

Easy and Fun TouchKit

“Easy and Fun TouchKit” from Hoda Technologies – a Taiwanese company – adds resistive touch-screen abilities to those ultra compact, ultra cheap netbook computers that are all the rage right now. Though no soldering is required, installing the kit does involve some dismantling of the netbook (which most likely will void its warranty); Hoda provides […]