What Works More; TV Advertising or Users’ Manuals

What is TV advertising in this age of growing the Internet usage. TV is a good marketing medium. Think about it. We are so desensitized to commercials. We use them for food or bathroom breaks during hot debates or we just downright fast forward through them. I know that I can’t stand watching them, […]

If all else fails, read the manual

Have you ever thought why users call customers support? Mostly users call when they don’t get the right answers in accompanying the users’ manuals, if there is one along with the product. Large number of manufacturers doesn’t supply a user manual with their products in the first place and some of those who do, […]

Brochures or Users’ Manuals ?

Mostly the brochures are artistically laid out and presented whereas User’s manuals are like government notifications; life less, color less and totally technical. The brochure gets the bigger share of budget as compared to the manuals. This indicates that most concerns treat potential users so much better than existing users and focus accordingly?


Manage the Manuals

Users Manuals have always been here. They are here at least since the advent of technology and availability of products. Almost every one has a collection of instruction manuals; some stash them somewhere in their house, some put them in files and folders and some other throw them away to go to recycle.

Search for […]

What is culture to do with the manuals?

I have been reading many manuals and instruction books lately. What I noted most is how they help a common user. All of this reading and other recent experiences has made me think about the core competency of writing and writing well and how does it help users across different cultures? How manuals make a […]

Where to get Users’ Manuals From

A blogger (www.peterme.com) recently purchased an original Macintosh 128K User Manual from 1984 and published some pictures from it and wrote a great post. He says, “I recently purchased an original Macintosh User Manual (thanks eBay!). I had seen one at a garage sale, and was struck by how it had to explain a […]

Learning through Manuals

Users’ manuals are needed after initial installation and or operation. One of the requirements in the framework is the User Phase. In this stage users come across newer situation in the use of the product. All of those must be anticipated and documented in users’ manuals.

The problem is that only a few manufacturers take […]