Besides Dummies and Complete Idiots, Users’ Manuals Are For Rest of Us Too

When it comes to use of a new product, technology and or software one can divide people in different categories; some of the people are savvy and clue full, some are dummies, some others are ‘complete idiots’ – pun intended – and the rest of us.

Let us have a look at Dummies first. […]

Advertising Through User’s Manuals

Marketers are still debating about online advertising. The question is whether online advertising is or should be a medium in today’s ad world. Here is what comes to mind on the subject:

We all agree that TV advertising is outdated. People try just Tivo or DVR right through that ad spending.

On the other […]

Have you ever enjoyed reading a user’s manual ?

Have you ever enjoyed reading a user’s manual? Or you also think user’s manuals, like unintelligent army orders and government notifications have to be dull and life less? Not necessarily. When user’s manuals are shipped with all the products every time they are sold, they need to be interesting an engaging in addition to […]

Authentic Manuals

Demand for the availability of users’ manuals, instruction books, technical manuals and other product related document online is growing exponentially. This situation has created services that offer instructional and support material online.

The questions that have come up are regarding the validity and authenticity of the publications. Are they directly from the developers? Are they […]

Where to Upload and Download User’s Manuals

Wow, sometimes you just have to scratch your head and say WOW? Have you seen the Techno Station __ a site that intend housing users manuals for every product. That is right I said featuring every user’s manual and instruction book. Should I say it again? Are you asking yourself why? Why all the users […]