LG LCD Monitor M2794S

Full HD LCD Monitor 27-inch widescreen 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution 2ms response time 400 cd/m2 brightness 20,000:1 contrast ratio Built-in speaker with SRS TruSurround XT Connectivity ports(two HDMI, DVI-D and RGB)

LG Smartphone GW550

Running on Windows Mobile 6.5 OS 12mm-thick 2.4-inch LCD screen Front-facing QWERTY keyboard Smart E-mail Smart Contact High-performance dual-speaker 3.2M camera Wi-Fi A-GPS

LG XD5 Mini HDDs

External HDDs For netbooks Size: 2.5-inch 320GB/500GB Space SATA-II interface Faster and efficient data transfer

LG BL40 Touch Chocolate

4-inch wide screen 21:9 aspect ratio 7.2 HSDPA WiFi Panoramic multimedia experience Dual Screen UI Touchscreen navigation One-touch copy and paste 3.5mm headphone jack 5 megapixel camera Slim shape Glossy black finish Smooth, elegant surface Scratch-resistant glass

LG handset Chocolate LG-BL40

4.0-inch wide screen High-definition LCD 800 X 345 pixel resolution 21:9 aspect ratio Full range of natural colors Slim and chic style 5 megapixels Camera WiFi FM transmitter 335MB onboard storage

Versatile LG Versa

The LG Versa from is a touch-screen phone that looks like LG Dare but it is different. The Versa is slim and sleek and the display supports 262,000 colors and 480×240 pixel resolution. Customizing each home screen is pretty easy. The touch interface is responsive when navigating the interface and when dialing and texting. The […]

LG Dares to Present LG Dare

LG has always been one of the industry trend setters in mobile handsets. LG now dares to present LG Dare that is creating waves in the markets.

The LG Dare’s design is focused on a large display covering almost the whole of the phone’s front space. The visible keys on the front are the […]

LG GD910 Watch Phone

1.43 inch touch screen 13.9 mm thick 3G support with HSDPA Data speed up to 7.2 Mbps Built-in video camera Voice recognition Bluetooth MP3 player Text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology, allowing you to speak to the phone, and the GD910 to read messages and other information back to you. […]

World’s slimmest LED LCD TV from LG

Model LH95 24.8mm thickness, Supports 240Hz C Drive technology 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio 2009 CES Innovation Award winners in the Display category