Track the Technology

Long long ago, invention of wheel technology changed the life and ways human being used to work. Advancement in sciences added energy and made the wheel spin and do things on a speed. But they are all old stories and we take them for granted. Now it is difficult to imagine life without computers, […]

Net Fridge

Those who have integrated web technologies in their lives are already using Internet appliances that includes not only devices such as personal digital assistants and smart phones but also kitchen appliance like fridge. How do you like a fridge that allows users to hang a laptop, digital photo frame or iPod dock on the […]

From Wi-Fi to MiFi

The Novatel MiFi 2200 is going to be available anytime this month. It is a little wisp, like a triple-thick credit card. It has one power button, one status light and a swappable battery that looks like the one in a cell phone. When you turn on your MiFi and wait 30 seconds, it […]