Read My Thought

Robotics is developing and robots are reaching the next level of self-awareness (sort of). Honda’s ASIMO humanoid robot can now be controlled with thought alone – and with a little help from brain machine interface technology. Distinguishing brain activities with high precision without any physical motion, but just human thought alone has become possible. […]

Men and Machines

Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility (Asimo) is one of a very few robots that can walk reliably on two legs. It is fitted with twin cameras in its head and is powered by 34 individual motors.

Lately, researchers at the Honda Research Institute has demonstrated the invention by using it to move the arms […]

Experimental Walking Assist

Honda Motor is a very innovative concern focused on mobility. In addition to cars and motorbikes, Honda has lately (April last year) displayed experimental model of a walking assist device which could support walking for the elderly and other people with frail health and or weak legs. The intensive study of human walk as […]