Bluedot BTV-1200 HDTV

Portable HDTV 12 inch LCD screen Led backlit WXGA resolution (1366 x 768) Digital Tuner TV AV input 1.5Watss x 2 speakers B-CAS card slot


Fully HDTV 60-inch Screen Advanced Super View Superlucent Panel Dramatically bright and crisp picture 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution 4ms response time 120Hz refresh rate HDMI Two component video PC input and RS-232

ZeeVee ZvBox

Home security is one of the prime concerns in all societies. People go a long way to have peace of mind for securing home.

It used to be difficult to get your PC and HDTV to interact. Now it is easy. Thanks to recent developments in digital media accessories that link up with HDTV. […]