Tesla Goes 100 Percent Electric

In an era where gas prices at the pump spiking as high as we have seen lately, a low-carbon car that shatters preconceived notions of electric vehicles – may be the solution. Tesla Motors seemed to be working on this dream for many years – a quixotic dream.

Tesla is totally electric, goes from […]

Alternative Energy Sources in Auto Industry

Given the vehicles dependent lifestyle, what are the prospects of a low carbon economy in the future. Bleak, to say the least. But we have the choice.

Culture in all societies are auto dependent. As per empirical observation, given chance, very few people want to use public transport to and from work or […]

Eco Friendly Movito Scooter

Those who are familiar with Tai Chiem of Melbourne Australia might be aware about the in-wheel electric motor – which helps reduce emissions and frees up space, allowing for a lighter, more efficient frame- that won the coveted prize. The Create the Future contest winners were chosen by an independent panel of design engineers […]

Green Energy Laptop

Fujitsu – one of the leading manufacturer – is setting another example of highly responsible eco-consciousness. The company is selling a laptop that runs on wind power. How? Fujitsu is purchasing wind power green energy credits for each of the FMV Loox laptops sold that are equivalent to the amount of electricity estimated to be […]

Devulcanize Waste Tires and Walk Green

Using a proprietary chemical reactant to devulcanize rubber, Green Rubber has found a way to recycle old auto tires. The company process the shredded tires to yield a 100% recycled form or a 50/50 blend of recycled plus virgin material. Soon, the blend is being used by Timberland to make soles for the shoes.

Putting […]

Solar Powered SolCHAT Bluetooth Speaker Phone

Those who are aware of scarce energy resources and also those who are conscious of what most human activities are doing to planet Earth say that the world need solar power – abundant energy resource. Many savvy concerns are offering products, large and small, that need solar power to function. Scosche has recently unveiled the […]

Moving the Sun with Rotary Hydraulic Actuators

Those interested in Solar Energy might already be familiar with the 64MW Nevada Solar One – world’s third largest concentrated solar power plant. Located about 25 miles south of Las Vegas, the Plant spans 400 acres and generates approximately 129 million kWh of solar electricity annually, enough to provide power to more than 14000 homes, […]

Hydrogen as an Alternate Source of Energy

Techno Station is eco friendly portal. We always advocate use of applications that do not contribute to greenhouse emission, acid rain or ozone depletion.

It is in this milieu that we are looking hydrogen and its potentials as a source of energy. Presently, hydrogen – found in abundance on earth – is already being used […]

Motoring to Green Future

Our future is green. I say this because I see eco-awareness exponentially growing, among consumers as well as manufacturers. Look around and you will note increasing use of eco-friendly materials at many places from eco-friendly Olympic village in China to use of weeds in building cars. And this awareness is a encouraging sign and hope […]

KTM Zero Emissions Motorcycle

The technological trend in vehicle technology is so clearly heading in the direction of low emission sources. After eclectic cars, now we are seeing production of motorbikes with eclectic power. One of the most promising example is KTM’s work on a sports enduro with electric drive. The company has been successfully testing a fully functional […]

Blue Earth

Environmentally friendly companies are going long way to protect the planet Earth and reduce all sorts of emissions by using alternative sources of energy. Lately, Solar powered mobile phones have come up and are gaining attention of the users. Samsung – one of the leading mobile phone handsets manufacturers – has recently launched a new […]

Eco Chic Karma

You want to see a unique convergence of luxury, beauty and style with an environmental conscience? Have a closer look at Fisker Karma. Joint project of Fisker Coachbuild and Quantum Technologies has developed a plug-in hybrid sportscar. The company’s sole existing product is the Fisker Karma that was first shown at the North American International […]

Small things Make a Big Difference

Saving the planet Earth is a collective responsibility of all businesses and individuals. Best thing is that awareness is increasing and most people are doing their best to slow (if not possible to stop) the environmental degradation and saving the mother Earth. Even consumers supplementing corporate efforts by using and adopting green technologies’ products.

I […]

Hi-Pa Drive Ford F150

The Ford F-150 with its 320 HP V-8 may be one idea of a ‘muscle’ pickup truck. But a small UK electric motor company did some innovative rethinking of this American icon. It yanked the drivetrain, gearbox, transmission, engine, exhaust, gas tank, and the differential. Then it installed 66 lb (30 kg) ‘Hi-Pa Drive’ pancake […]

Biodiesel from Coffee Grounds

Researchers in Nevada are reporting that waste coffee grounds can provide a cheap, abundant, and environmentally friendly source of biodiesel fuel for powering cars and trucks. Their study has been published online in the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, a bi-weekly publication.

In the new study, Mano Misra, Susanta Mohapatra, […]