Office one the Move

Fast lane life and fierce competition demands mobile office. Thanks to collaborative and friendly technologies that this is already possible. Beyond having just a multifunctional mobile phone and laptop, Ford Work Solutions are taking another more functional approach. Ford now offers an in-dash computer with high-speed Internet access, remote computer access, GPS, and a […]

Hi-Pa Drive Ford F150

The Ford F-150 with its 320 HP V-8 may be one idea of a ‘muscle’ pickup truck. But a small UK electric motor company did some innovative rethinking of this American icon. It yanked the drivetrain, gearbox, transmission, engine, exhaust, gas tank, and the differential. Then it installed 66 lb (30 kg) ‘Hi-Pa Drive’ […]

Ford is Bringing Active Park Assist System

Press Release that crossed geeks at Techno Stations says, “the often stressful and frustrating task of parallel parking soon will be as easy as pressing a button for owners of the Lincoln MKS flagship sedan and all-new Lincoln MKT seven-passenger luxury crossover, thanks to an exclusive new technology from Ford Motor Company called Active […]