Ergonomic Computers

Popular axiom says that advent of modern technologies have changed the way we work and live. Everyone says that technology has improved our lives. Let us have a look at this myth. Personally speaking, using my computer has given me backaches, eye problems, wrist-aches and a sore neck.


Office one the Move

Fast lane life and fierce competition demands mobile office. Thanks to collaborative and friendly technologies that this is already possible. Beyond having just a multifunctional mobile phone and laptop, Ford Work Solutions are taking another more functional approach. Ford now offers an in-dash computer with high-speed Internet access, remote computer access, GPS, and a […]

Good for Gamming

AVADirect Custom comes loaded with a 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 920 chip overclocked to 3.88GHz. AVADirect offers a multitude of options, including a motherboard and case, for its Intel X58 chipset-based Custom Gaming PC.

According to AVADirect, it ensures its systems are stable before they ship out to customers, and that it will follow […]

Look at My Laptop Case

Those who need to carry their laptops from one place to another know how vital is the laptop case. Users need stylish and functional case. Techno Station has been digging around places to suggest what is the best; price as well as utility wise.

One of the many cases we suggest is Deluxe laptop […]

Power of Computing, IBM Sequoia Supercomputer

Less than a year the world’s fastest supercomputer, IBM has announced an even powerful version. It will have computing power of 2 million laptops. Only sky is the limit as they say. A system made by IBM has been the most powerful computer in the world since November 1999.


Another Reason to Use Computers

Around two billion personal computers have been sold across the world, according to hi-tech consultancy Gartner Dataquest report. The number of computers is set to explode in the next few years. Unprecedented technology growth in deed! But this is not about the technology growth. Point here is how computer can help save the trees.